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Family trip to the Van Gogh Immersive experience in Spitalfields

Today I entered a Dragon’s Den-esque warehouse in Spitalfields to look at some art work that only became famous after Van Gogh killed himself at the age of 37.

Contemplating his various self portraits made me wonder how my own would be if I deigned to paint them. I could even go so far as to use the many dildos I own to see what mark-making effects I would get on the canvas. Obviously there’d have to be some bunny ears in my self-portrait, otherwise you wouldn’t know it was me.

Vincent Van Gogh self portraits

What would my palette consist of? All the colours; because why limit myself to 39 hues of yellow? Though if I did one of these as a paint-by-numbers it’d be interesting to see what the final figure would be. If I wanted to be a complete nerd I could list all the hex codes for my own digital version.

These things I can now seriously consider if I so wish. Since I’m being made redundant from my day job as of the 20th March.

I’m kind of nonchalant about the whole sorry situation at the present time. I feel kind of pissed that myself and my colleagues got caught up in the middle of a dispute between the business owners. They kept us in the dark while deciding what to do.

In the end, the greedy accountant shareholders have opted to sell the business, and if I had £75000 going spare I’d consider buying it and opening a sex toy shop. That would really give the conservative folk in my home town something to talk about! There would also be no competing businesses in the town. Unless the locals choose to raid the Tesco Extra for some cucumbers or carrots as cheaper alternatives.

Vincent Van Gogh 4 sunflowers still life projected onto a wall

If any of you like the idea of investing into a new business venture let me know, and I’ll send you the details. It doesn’t even really have to be a sex toy shop. Although I do kind of find the idea of removing all their stock and replacing it with brightly coloured silicone and glass cocks/ butt plugs/ tails and fetish wear oddly kind of satisfying. 😛

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