Sinful Sunday Week 338- Liquid courage

This week is prompt week. As the prompt is ‘Fluids’ I thought I would incorporate one of my favourite types of fluid…alcohol!

So, to set the scene for some ‘sinning’ I’ve snapped a bottle of Honey Jack Daniels, adorned with burlesque pasties and with some colour co-coordinating bondage rope and a risqué version of old maid…

Alas I won’t be sinning tonight as it’s a ‘school night’ but on the next available evening that is not followed by work, I think I’ll be partaking in some drinking games with a kinky twist…

Click the lips to see who else is sinning.

19 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday Week 338- Liquid courage”

    1. I thought the nipple pasties on the neck of the bottle would be a good talking point too. I was hoping I could photograph an ‘hourglass’ shaped bottle to represent the female curves, but I didn’t have any. So JDs it was!

    1. I hope so, one evening this week. The candles seem to have fooled everyone…they are those LED ones but they do look so realistic!! I would love to get the bondage candles out though! ?

  1. I think it’s hard sometimes to get creative, high-quality, erotic images of objects rather than people for Sinful Sunday, and this is an excellent example of one. I love the dark / lush colors and your take on the prompt. Also I love Jack, which *may* bias me a little. 😉

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