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Lovehoney Glass Dildos; a Glassy Line-Up!

The following dildos contributed to my affection for glass toys. They’re great for people new to glass as they’re easy to clean, as well as being very safe. Moreover, these Lovehoney glass dildos are great value if you’re experimenting with what works for you, and don’t want to spend bank-balance shattering prices.

Lovehoney Glass dildos; realistic, nubby-textured, bulbed, and spirals g-spot. Dildos are in an open black storage case
Top to bottom: Realistic textured sensual glass dildo, Nubby textured sensual glass dildo, Beaded sensual glass dildo, Spirals G-spot sensual glass dildo (not yet reviewed).

Lovehoney Realistic Textured Sensual Glass Dildo

I got this dildo as a tester back in June 2015, and was thrilled, as I really like glass dildos. The packaging is the standard white and pink Lovehoney box. It gives clear information on what the item is and how it can be used. Included is a black velvet drawstring bag, to keep it discreetly hidden, and protect it from being scratched or chipped.

This is my third Lovehoney-branded glass dildo, but my 4th glass toy overall. This is the only one which is described as being realistic. It does look like a penis, having the bulbous head, with the pronounced coronal ridge. There is also the ‘pee-hole’ slit and ridged ‘veins’ down the shaft. That’s as far as the penile resemblance goes, however. The other end is rounded into a nice handle.

The circumference is fairly slim, (4.25 inches at the handle end, though the tip is slightly narrower). This makes it a good option for people wanting to try glass for the first time since it is not intimidating at all. More experienced glass users may like slightly more girth, however. The head of the dildo slides in easily for vaginal penetration without requiring too much lube, and the insertable length is just over 6 inches. The ridges make it feel pleasant when rubbed over the clitoris and labia. The bend in the shaft enables the head to reach my G-spot for some very nice internal stimulation.

Short, firm thrusts got me wet pretty quickly. With clitoral stimulation from a vibrating wand, I was able to orgasm several times within 15-20 minutes of play time. The dildo felt good after warming up in water. I enjoy the glass at its natural temperature, as it is slightly cool initially before it gets warm from my body heat. I’m not really a fan of chilled glass, as a ‘chilldo’ is just too numbing for me. This dildo makes for a nice addition to my glass collection, though not one you would be able to leave on display, unlike other less obvious glass toys!

Lovehoney Realistic Textured Sensual Glass Dildo

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Lovehoney Sex Toys

Lovehoney Nubby Textured Sensual Glass Dildo

The design of the ‘Nubby’, as it’s affectionately known, is stunning, I love the two-tone colour pattern, which is more subtle in reality than appears on the website photo. The textured bumps feel lovely, even on your hands, and you know you’re going to be in for a treat when it reaches more intimate areas.

Included in the box was a velvet storage bag, which like the dildo itself is excellent quality. I’ve only used this dildo for vaginal penetration, but I’m sure it would be great for body massages in general. I look forward to trying that in the future, particularly on my back and shoulders. I imagine it could be good for anal use as well, owing to its narrow circumference of 3.5 inches and bumpy texturing, though I’ve not tried it myself. In addition, its double-ended nature could lend itself to couple’s play.

When I use this with a bullet vibrator for clitoral stimulation, I am a wet, quivering hot-blooded woman in less time than it takes to open a Lovehoney parcel! I love this piece of glass and it’s a must-have for any glass enthusiast!

Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo

‘Beady’ as this fella has become known as one of my more girthier glass dildos. The thickest bulb measures at 4 inches circumference. The beaded bulbs give lovely filling rippling sensations as the dildo pushes in and out, and the bend helps it reach the right places to stimulate the front vaginal wall. It is also one of the more weighty of this line-up of glass dildos.

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Lovehoney Glass dildos; realistic, nubby-textured, bulbed, and spirals g-spot. Dildos are in an open black storage case

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  1. Just read this LB after following the link from your FrolicMe post. I love glass dildos and reading of your superb descriptions of your wonderful collection was highly stimulating. I have never seen one in use in real life, more’s the pity, but with my love of photography I follow a few photographers who take stunning images of them in action. The way the light catches the glass as it penetrates, is gloriously erotic.

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