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It’s a hard-knock life

This week’s prompt for Wicked Wednesday is Life Lessons. It is week 497 of Marie’s meme. I’ve not participated in it as often as I could have. Sometimes I feel the prompts don’t give me the thoughts to put my fingers to the keyboard. I decided to make a return for this week’s prompt, as I did feel able to write something.

One of the main lessons I’ve learnt in life so far is to rely on yourself and no one else. That may seem a bit of a cynical way to look at life, but the only person who will truly have your best interests at heart is yourself. Spouses and family members may mean well, but they will always have their own needs and wants. They won’t always align with yours. Even if they do, it might not be at the time that is best for you.

I think it’s important to trust your gut instincts. They will steer you in the right direction, even when your heart and perhaps head are telling you otherwise. If something seems too good to be true, it most certainly is. Another lesson I’ve learnt through life is that opportunities are not always plentiful. Those that come our way sometimes have an expiration date, so I believe it’s important to grab something that is presented to you with both hands. Those who are naysayers may feel the way they do because they are either jealous or too afraid to try something themselves. We each have to decide what is right for us.

It’s never too late to learn something new or to amend a wrong by saying sorry to someone you’ve hurt in the past. The other valuable thing I’ve realised during this life is that simple things are often the best. Gratitude makes us appreciate what we have. Our health and well-being are much more important than material wealth. These lessons that I’ve learnt I am hoping to pass on to my daughter. They will serve her well too over the years.

Finally, cherish all the special moments in life, as they will provide you with the warmth to overcome the coldest storms that life bestows on us. In the lead up to the festive holidays, take some time out for yourself to recharge and unwind. Then dance like no one is watching, because, after two years of living through a global pandemic, we all need to let our hair down. Thanks for reading xx

Wicked Wednesday
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  1. It feels like you already have a lot of life experience that you can share and not only with your daughter.

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