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Bitten by the bug

This post is not as ominous as it sounds…since our epic trip to Disneyland Paris, Little Bunny (and I) are keen to spread our wings and travel more. We are already discussing plans for a trip in the spring, to Amsterdam, on the Eurostar. We wish to travel as eco-consciously as we can, and with destinations close enough by to get a train to, what better than seeing some of Europe by rail?

Another reason for wanting to visit Amsterdam is obviously the floral delights of the Tulips in bloom. But in addition, we wish to travel there before the Grand Centraal station is closed for renovation work. This will start in June and last at least 11 months. These projects rarely go to time scales, so the station will probably be closed longer. If we don’t get the Eurostar there before June, we won’t be able to do so until well into 2025! Unless we fly there, of course.

There are so many places we’d like to visit, (so we’d better start saving)! Why Amsterdam? I’ve already given several reasons why, above. If you need any others, though, one is that I’ve never been there. I think it’ll be really wonderful to share a first-time visit with my two favourite people. Seeing the lovely streets and meandering waterways, stopping for a café break, in between seeing the sights. There’s such freedom in travelling. Released from the constraints of daily routine and schedules, we get to enjoy ourselves, and experience places new to us.

We have some exciting things planned for the lead up to Christmas, and for January, with some other family members. However, a trip away to a different city will give us something amazing to look forward to. I wish to spend my 40s showing my daughter the world as much as I can afford to and as often as time allows. Our bucket list includes Egypt, Japan, Canada, more of Europe, and the USA. There are other places further afield we’d like to explore. They will be for a next milestone birthday, most likely.

Travel broadens our horizons so much, and I wish to let my daughter experience the richness of learning about other cultures. If there are any travel experts out there who can recommend good eco-friendly hotels, and decent airlines to use for longer-haul destinations, please get in touch. Either by commenting here or you can Tweet me or email. Talking about our adventures gives me much more scope for this blog, too, as I will use it to document our journeys. Furthermore, since this is now a lifestyle blog, rather than an ‘adult’ site, I’d like to chat with likeminded people about the best ways to travel with youngsters and on a relatively modest budget.

Until next time, adios amigos! (Yes, Mexico is also on a bucket list) ;P

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  1. When I went to both Egypt and India I used They have trips all round the globe, only have small groups and they do family trips as well.

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