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Social Media ‘icons’ can have too much influence

This post is about the Social Media influencer Andrew Tate. How I am so relieved that finally, he has got his just desserts in Romania for trafficking vulnerable women.

Over the festive period, there were so many awful news headlines about young women who have been killed by evil misogynistic predators.

As a mum to a young daughter, I’m increasingly concerned by some people’s attitudes regarding consent and victim-shaming. An outfit, a location or the fact the individual has become separated from friends does not make it ok EVER for someone to seriously assault another person.

Currently, I have been involved in reaching out to a class teacher to stop a child from saying  nasty hurtful things to my little miss. Luckily the teacher’s advice echoed mine. We both think the individual is attention-seeking. We have said to little Bunny to ignore him. If he apologies so that ‘she can’t tell on him’ she will challenge him by saying “only say you’re sorry if you actually MEAN it, otherwise it’s empty words.”

If you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all…

I’m quite concerned that 7-year-olds are saying such horrible things to their peers. When it happens to your own kid, you want to do everything you can to protect them. I’ve encouraged my daughter to talk to me anytime she needs to. And to talk to any adult at school whom she trusts if the person involved continues to verbally upset her.

School ought to be a safe space for all children to learn and grow. Bullies aren’t always the big tough kids. Certainly not in our case. My daughter enjoys school so I want her to continue to enjoy going.

Even if the children in her class are too young to know who Andrew Tate is, there will no doubt be older ones who may think that what he says is cool, and true.

Parents have to educate their children that both sexes are equal. Boys are not better than girls and vice versa. Children copy their parents/carers. You are the role model that is shaping your offspring’s view of how things work in the world. Empower them to believe in themselves and not think they’re better than others because they can belittle them or put them down.

In a world that is vicious enough already, set a positive example for young people. Be kind to others, as it doesn’t take effort. It’s far more effort to be nasty.

I hope Andrew Tate (and others like him) spend a seriously long time behind bars. And that the world governments use the proceeds of selling their cars, and assets to help the survivors of assaults.

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