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Willingness to learn is a choice

Knowledge is sexy because it empowers us

LSB’s quote for this week, “Give me words that make my mind curl before my toes.”— Rachel Wolchin is interesting. However, I’d like to extend the realm of knowledge to beyond ‘just words.’

I find knowledgeable people interesting. If I’m interested in someone, then it’s more likely I will find them ‘sexy.’ There- I said it, and that’s that. However, I don’t think knowledge is acquired only through reading books or studying lots of courses. We can also learn through acquiring new practical skills, languages, or doing something creative.

To me, a person who takes an interest in developing themselves, and embraces a lifetime of learning is someone who I can see as a more passionate partner. They will also be confident in admitting they have shortcomings. Moreover, they will be a happier person, and see the world as expansive. They will want to broaden their horizons and try new things. To me, that is sexy, as it takes guts to try something new, particularly as we get older. It’s saying, “I don’t mind if I look like a twit in front of other people. I’d rather ‘have a go,’ than regret not trying something!”

These sorts of people will want to remain optimistic in the face of adversity. They won’t be afraid to fail. In this way, they will become empowered, and that makes them sexy. So I’m not bothered if someone does not read tonnes of books. I don’t read loads myself, but I do like learning new things. Currently, I’m attempting to teach myself to play the keyboard. Life skills are important too. The sorts of things they don’t teach you in school, but that have to be learnt through the ‘university of life.’

To never change ourselves is self-defeating. It limits our ability to adjust to new situations, and makes us stagnate. By being lifelong learners, we will be dynamic and our lives will be all the more rich for it. Both in terms of what we learn, and our network of new and old friends.

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  1. Clever thoughts. I fully support it. Knowledge is power.

  2. Totally agree with you about being life long learners and the importance of always evolving as a person.

    Feel free to link this into the KOTW topic too if you wish. It closes at 11am but I can always add it for you if you like


  3. Oooh two weeks in a row? I am glad to see you back more, LB – I love your writing 🙂

    I agree 100% with this post – I love your outlook on intelligence and feel very similar bout wanting to learn new things 🙂 I think it is important to constantly keep feeding the mind – it is a muscle after all, it needs to be exercised x

    • I’m wanting to write more for this meme and I found these two quotes thought-provoking. Looking forward to seeing more quotes like these. I do want to be more active on my blog than I have been of late. I get distracted easily and sometimes the sucky emotions get the better of me. It’s good to engage though, and I see the benefit of doing so. xx

  4. I agree, learning and developing is important.

  5. We are all students of the school called life. We are constantly updating and refining our knowledge. They can be read in books, seen on screens, or obtained through the practice of everyday life. We absorb this knowledge in order to share it with new generations of people. Everyone learns differently. Someone becomes a good student, and someone lagging behind. Everything is like in a regular school.

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