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Comedy and Coregasms

This is a snippet about an evening out Mr Bunny and I had over the weekend. We had been given tickets to see the comedian Jon Richardson, at a local Theatre. I’ve seen some stand-up comedy in the past, and it can be a good night, depending on the theme behind the gaffs.

I learnt from Jon Richardson, that it is possible to experience a ‘coregasm’ by tensing all your core muscles like you would if (in Jon’s case) you were climbing a rope in PE class. Imagine the surprise he felt when halfway up he froze! Not out of fear, as his concerned classmates speculated, but because he’d just ejaculated for the first time. What a way to experience that first; surreptitiously and without the chance to reflect on WTF just happened?!

As we found out, Jon was able to replicate this effect at home, using his bannister post. If Joe Wicks had cottoned on to this way to promote working out, during the Covid lockdowns, he’d have been onto a winner! I’m disappointed to say though, that I have not been lucky enough to achieve a ‘coregasm.’ Maybe that should be my motivation for doing more core strength exercises.

If you can’t ‘coregasm,’ just laugh instead.

Jesting aside, I found Jon’s comedic routine pretty funny on the whole. I loved that he made one of his show’s USPs the fact that he would be prompt. In the UK, we hang around so much these days waiting at the arse-end of a frustrating phone queue or such like. For us middle-aged folks, time is precious. We have to get home and put a wash on so that we can go to bed knowing we’ve achieved something in the day!

I do empathise with Jon though. A ‘big light’ in the lounge provides far more illumination than all the fairy lights and hygge-ish LED candles I seem to have accumulated. Whilst it’s his wife Lucy who announces she’s tired 5 minutes before they’ve got to the end of the Skandi murder mystery they’re watching. In my house, it’s the little Bunny who does that. After she’s delayed bedtime by asking for yet another snack/ hot chocolate! ‘Why are they suddenly tired?’ Jon and I suspiciously wonder. Well, Jon enlightened me on why….(pun intended). It’s because they don’t want to have to turn all the bleeding little switches off on these dim illuminations!

Jon also explained that suffering from an itchy rectum, at night time isn’t necessarily due to worms. In fact, we were relieved to find out it was because of haemorrhoids. Not to be said that it didn’t cause him a whole lot of stress in the process of treating his family for a non-existent nematode infection. But our relief is that he managed to get seen by a GP who was able to diagnose the actual cause of his embarrassing discomfort. And it was the second time lucky!

How B(anal)

Now if that comedy routine doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, I think Jon would tell you to ‘stick it up your fucking arse!’ So in agreement with Jon, I’ll leave these here:

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