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Intimacy; a moment in time together where nothing else matters

Having someone wrap me in their arms, or stroke my hair is the most obvious form of intimacy I can think of. Hand-holding and kissing too.

Sexual intimacy can go deeper than just body parts connecting and moving together; I might feel like I’m joined with my partner spiritually.

Moments of intimacy can be more subtle too. It might be wiping my daughter’s chin after a meal, or brushing away her tears when she is sad. It may be laughing at one of my husband’s jokes because it really is funny, and we are finding a sense of commonality. Whatever the interaction, to me intimacy is a moment in time where I share something with another person (or group of people), and at that exact moment nothing else is of importance. It’s that simple.

It tends to happen with people I’m emotionally connected to, so family members and close friends. Not random strangers I brush shoulders with as we walk past each other on a busy street. Nor the accidental touch of someone’s hand when I exchange money with them on public transport or in a shop or cafe.

As social beings, it seems that intimacy is a pre-requisite for us to flourish in this often hard world. We form a close bond with our parents /care-givers when we are growing up. We want to feel safe, secure and like we belong. If we have all these pieces of the attachment puzzle then we will gain the resilience we need to sustain ourselves through periods of uncertainty, anguish and heartbreak.

Intimacy connects souls, and souls are important for a person to be truly whole. Without a soul, we are merely empty vessels transporting flesh and blood, but no ‘life’ or vivacity.

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  1. I too believe there are many forms of intimacy, and those we share with our partners are the best, and here I am not talking about sex.

    Rebel xox

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