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Everybunny needs motivation…

Wicked Wednesday #397

What does motivation mean to me? Getting on and doing something is what I feel it means to me. My main issue as a blogger, it that sometimes I find myself going through a cycle where I lose inspiration. Or hit a wall with coming up with new ideas.  Are these causes of me losing motivation or effects of a lack of motivation? Perhaps they’re both. I may feel like I’ve nothing to write, so I don’t write. A day easily extends to two or three. I procrastinate and I get distracted. The lack of motivation snowballs.

I’m not sure how many other bloggers get stuck in this cycle. The inferior side of myself tells me that real bloggers don’t waste time whining that they don’t have anything to write about; they just get on and write! I want this year to be a better one for the blog, as I felt it was gathering some momentum in 2018, and then it stalled and became lost in the chaos of 2019.

So my goals this year are to actually you know, write! To do that though, I will need a list of ideas. I recently did a Twitter poll to see what content my readers wanted to see more of. Images came out a firm favourite. Erotic stories and general sex related posts also seemed to be popular. Least popular was the product reviews. And you know what, I’m kind of relieved. As I just don’t always feel motivated to write them. They are ‘work’ and in the past I have not been paid for them, so the way I see it, I did all this publicity for companies for free!

I’ve decided to step away from reviewing as much now. And if a company wants a review done, they can pay for it. That’s my terms going forward. I am motivated by money to a certain extent. After all, nothing is a free ride in this life. I have bills to pay too. The other thing that motivates me, is giving pleasure to those who want an escape from the daily grind of regular life. My lovely readers work hard, and they need something to help them unwind at the end of a tiring day.

To ensure I don’t lose my motivation, I’ve signed up to the Smut Marathon for the first time ever. I’m excited but also nervous to be joining so many other writers on a journey that could last the majority of 2020, depending how far on I go in the competition.

One of my aims for the coming year was to get published (and hopefully paid) for my writing on other platforms. In 2018, I pitched three times to the same person for a well-known magazine. I think they didn’t like my ideas because maybe I wasn’t young enough to appeal to their target audience. I could of course be mistaken. But I now realise I need to just continue to go for it. Writing is not always easy, and neither is sustaining the list of ideas. Engagement is key though, so I plan to interact on social media to see what readers want to see more of.

My posts may become shorter, particularly if I am trying to write for other outlets, but hopefully they’ll remain the quality you have become accustomed to. I write for me, but I mostly do it for you all.

Want to share an idea with me? Email me and I will be happy to listen 🙂

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  1. That is a really great plan. I know sometimes I get a mental block when writing. But I do find that when I push myself to write something its really hard.

    Take a break and do something else you will be amazed by the different places/things that will give you inspiration.

  2. It’s a good thing to keep a list of ideas, and you might also want to look at the sidebar (or footer) of Wicked Wednesday, Kink of the Week and Food 4 Thought, as those all have future prompts listed. You can actually write fiction for all these memes, or just pen your thoughts on whatever the prompt is 🙂

    I tend to go into down days too, not able to write, but when I do write, I push out a couple of posts, and schedule them ahead, which makes it look like I never have down days.

    It’s good to have you back, and even better to have you in the Smut Marathon!

    Rebel xox

  3. I’m glad you are motivated to write again. I’ve come to realise that writing anything is better than nothing, though of course good quality is good and smut is better if you are a sex blogger. I’m sure the smut marathon will help. Good luck.

  4. Great you are going to be in the Smut Marathon and also that you asked what your readers what they want to read. My stats tell me that my most popular posts are my real life date-night sex posts with my man. So whenever I am wondering what to write I write about that.
    I have recently got paid for my reviews. It was by accident really. I was being asked a lot and not wanting to do them -so in the end I said “yeah but you will have to pay me”. And to my amazement they agreed. I don’t charge as must as I would for writing a company a sponsored post as I am getting “goods” free but it is enough that I feel motivated to do the review and that is the important thing x

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