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Glassvibrations Devils Tongue

Send me to Hell

Ever since I discovered glass toys, the Glassvibrations Devils Tongue was one I wanted to work my way up to. The fact it is a tongue, resembling Kiss’s Gene Simmons’ oral appendage, added to its appeal.

This is my first toy from Glassvibrations. It impressed me the moment I set my eyes on the windowed flip-top box. Inside, the delectable tongue lies snugly fastened to its own cushion. Included is also a drawstring bag. I think it’s too splendid to hide away, so I want to show it off on its cushion! In my bedside cabinet though!

White flip-top box opened, with red glass Devils tongue textured dildo from Glassvibrations inside
The delicious Devil’s Tongue

The tongue is gorgeous, I love the deep red colour, and it feels weighty enough without being too heavy. The curved handle is a work of art in itself, and the ridges on the upper surface feel lovely when glided over your skin. It’s deliciously cool straight from the box, and feels nice sliding around my breast from the outer edge, in towards the areola and nipple. It’s also sweet on my belly, inner thighs, and best of all rubs that little pearl for some blissful clitoral stimulation.

Tongue plunging fun

When it’s time to dive in for penetrative play, the angling of the tongue makes it glide in effortlessly. I like to use lube to make it even easier. The width of the tongue gives a pleasant fullness, without stretching uncomfortably. The ridges are subtle, not too rough on the front vaginal walls. I like a little bit of gentle to moderate manual thrusting with this dildo, and I don’t find the tip too pointy. It’s also nice to rock slowly and gyrate my hips when it’s inside me, feeling it bump my G-spot and massage my inner front wall.

With some added clitoral stimulation from a trusty bullet or wand, and thrusting/grinding with the glass tongue, I was able to achieve some nice orgasms in a 15-20 minute play time.

White flip-top box and red Glassvibrations Devils tongue textured dildo
Angled and tapered to glide perfectly

Moreover, when the OH is too tired, a date with the Devil Tongue is what is required. The OH is welcome to join in, and he has done. He found it arousing to see it entering me and stretching me open! And after all that, maybe he wasn’t so tired, as it lead onto some fun between us…

Perhaps my new favourite glass toy!

What scores do I give the Glassvibrations Devils Tongue?
  • Aesthetics = 10/10
  • Orgasm capability = 9/10
  • Ease of use = 8/10 *cleaning is a bit of a chore with the grooves
  • Value = 10/10
  • Overall = 9/10


Buy direct from Glassvibrations

The Glassvibrations Devils Tongue is available to purchase for €46.90.

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  1. A nicely phrased and informative piece. You obviously have a way with words. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi James,

      I’m glad you enjoyed my review on the Devils Tongue. I hope I did it justice.

      Please come back often to see this page being updated with new content.

      Thank you,
      Luv bunny x

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