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Underground train

Daily Commute

Stand behind the yellow line…

Lara had been flat-out in the office all day, inundated with paper-work, scheduling meetings, and proof-reading for clients. It was finally 5:30pm; she had a short tube ride across the city centre, before catching the mainline train to her home-town.  There was standing room only in the packed underground train carriage she had alighted. There were just a few stops before she could get off.

Meanwhile, Jamie was walking from his office building, taking a scenic detour through a local park. He liked to escape the hustle-and-bustle after a frantic day dealing with clients and their demands. Not to mention his boss’s overbearing micro-managing. The little bit of greenery he walked through restored his calm, before the hourly train ride home.

A voice over the loudspeaker shook Lara from her day-dream about her evening cuddled up with her dog, watching Netflix. The voice informed her that her train would be arriving in a couple of minutes. She was going to have a large glass of merlot after a short walk with Bruno, her faithful German Shepherd. He was the ‘man’ of her house. He certainly liked to hog the sofa, anyway! As her train pulled in, Lara shouldered her Radley, and stepped into the waiting carriage. Finding a seat in a row of two, she sunk down and let her eyes close momentarily as she finally relaxed.

‘Is this seat taken?’ Jamie’s smooth masculine voice enquired, causing her to look up and see a handsome youngish man in a grey suit with pale blue shirt and tie. He had light brown tousled hair. His eyes were hazel, and he had a light stubble growing around his jawline. Lara smiled and gestured for him to take the seat. ‘Thank you,’ said Jamie, with an appreciative grin. The train eased out of the station, as Lara took her book from her bag. She was reading a thriller, and keen to continue from where she’d left off. Jamie pulled his paper from his case, then started poring over the sports section.

Delays of an unexpected nature

About hallway into their journey, they would pass through a tunnel. Shortly before reaching the tunnel, the train driver announced that he’d had notification of debris on the line ahead. He said they’d be passing through slowly, apologising for the delay. Minutes later, the train entered the tunnel, causing Lara to inhale sharply as the carriage plunged into dim light. A hand went over hers; ‘are you ok?’ asked Jamie, and Lara could hear his genuine concern. Laughing nervously, she replied “I’m just not a fan of the dark really. It reminds me of a bad experience I had once, in a lift that got stuck!”

Jamie offered his warm, smooth hand for her to hold onto. Appreciating his compassion, Lara gratefully held it, noticing his fingers felt long and nimble. The train trundled on, before suddenly lurching to a standstill. Then a crackly loudspeaker came on, and the exasperated driver informed them there was a blockage in the tunnel. They would have to wait for it to be cleared! A team had been dispatched and would arrive in 15 minutes or so. It would take about half an hour for them to clear the debris.

Lara sighed. She had been enjoying reading her novel. Now she could no longer see to make out the front cover, let alone the print. ‘How’re you doing?’ enquired Jamie. “Oh, I’m ok,  thank you, but being stranded here is a bit frustrating.” Next, he leaned in to whisper, “forgive me for being so bold, but I find you extremely alluring. I could find a way to distract you if you’d like? Squeeze my hand if you want me to…”

Slightly taken aback, Lara had not expected this reaction in the slightest! But the suggestion made her feel warm, causing her breath to quicken in excitement. She hadn’t noticed anyone else in their carriage, not to mention she did think Jamie was pretty hot! A moment later, she found herself squeezing his hand firmly. Jamie’s other hand found her neck, brushing her hair to the side. His warm lips dotted hot kisses along her neckline and collarbone. Lara moaned in arousal, as Jamie released her hand from his, sliding it up the front of her blouse. “May I undo these?” he asked, as Lara breathed out one word; “Yes!”

Those long fingers deftly opened a couple of buttons, and brushed her cleavage. Jamie’s warm palm rubbed her mounds, and his thumb circled over her nipples. They became erect peaks inside her bra, which Jamie carefully pulled below her breasts. Leaning in, his hair brushed her chest as he lowered his lips to her budding nipples. Lara moaned softly as Jamie sucked on first one nipple, then the second. While he sucked one, he circled the other between his finger and thumb. Her clitoris was now throbbing, and the gusset of her pants was moist. As Lara squirmed in her seat, Jamie moved his hand from her breast to her calf. He stroked up  over her knee, then ran his palm along her thigh.

“I will stop at any time, should you wish.” Jamie’s husky voice, along with his pleasurable touch was turning her on. Lara murmured, “keep going,” as his hand found its way between her spreading thighs. His fingers slid under her panty gusset, brushing her slit, before circling her clitoris deftly. He slid two fingers into her slick warm canal, and Lara exhaled as she bore down on them. Jamie moaned appreciatively as he curved them towards her front inner wall. Skillfully, he beckoned her climax, entreating it to rise into a rapturous wave that made her see flashes of light in the dim of the silent tunnel. ‘Ohhhh!’ exclaimed Lara as her orgasm washed over her. Jamie urgently asked “Will you fuck me?”

Giggling, Lara felt for his belt, loosening it, before undoing his fly. He raised his hips to pull his trousers down. There were no boxers! His erection prodded against her thigh. ‘Wait a second,’ he said, before fishing a condom from his pocket and rolling it down his hard cock. Lara had lifted her skirt around her hips, and pulled her panties aside. She straddled Jamie in his seat, impaling herself on his firm length. Oh, he felt so filling inside her!

Gripping him tightly, she swayed her hips back and forth. “Mmmm,” moaned Jamie as she pushed herself up and down on his lap. Lara reached down to cup and gently tug his balls. His lips found her breasts and he licked and swirled his tongue tightly around her hardening nipples. Then he reached his hand between where they joined, to find her engorged clitoris. Jamie stroked her there, and it felt divine.

Within minutes she was clamping down on his cock, as another climax ripped through her. Her tightening around him was a catalyst to his reactive ejaculation. He gave a guttural grunt as the thick ropes of semen sprayed out of his penis. He was still firm so he carried on thrusting as Lara rode a further orgasm. They embraced in breathless delight, within the darkened carriage. Their carnal afterglow was disrupted by a loud noise outside. Flashes of light alerted them to the presence of the recovery team. They subtly parted, and Lara smoothed her skirt down her hips, buttoning her blouse. Jamie pulled up his trousers and fastened the fly, then his belt.

He went to the carriage lavatory to discard his condom, before joining Lara back at their seats. “Do you always catch the same train?” he asked. ‘I try to,’ she coyly replied with a giggle. “Maybe you can save me a seat again sometime,” Jamie chuckled, as the train lurched forward. “That was quicker than expected!” exclaimed Lara. “Good job we weren’t much longer,” smiled Jamie, as they exited the tunnel and the light flooded in through the carriage windows.


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  1. A very steamy story. A reaI tunnel of love…. or tunnel of sex at least. I do love stories set on trains and even wrote one myself. Why was my daily commute was never like this!

  2. Sometimes malfunctions do not bring unpleasant experiences due to wasted time. The only pity is that this happens very rarely.
    Nice story. Thank you.

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