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Maddie gives Luke a two-week ‘lockdown’ task.

This is a follow-up to the story written here. It was co-written with a reader of this blog.

“BRRRRP!” Luke’s phone vibrated on the coffee table. It was just a work-group chat to share a Christmas joke. I’ll reply later, he thought, clicking on the Twitter app so as to check in with Maddie. He always said “hello” to her every day. As he opened his messages, Luke noticed he had already received one from Maddie. The message read “Merry Christmas Luke. I hope you are ok- I’ve sent your present to your work address. You should receive it today, but don’t open it at work. Open it in private, x.”

He was on the early shift at work, and so eagerly awaited the email from goods-in to say there was a package for him. Soon enough he had received it, and so went to collect his surprise gift. He was greeted with a small box very neatly taped up, which he put in his car. On messaging Maddie to tell her the parcel arrived, Luke received a ‘he-he‘ in response. He was very intrigued as to what was in the package.

Once he got home, Luke was on his own for the first time that day. He opened the parcel; inside was well packed with paper and there was a note, which he read; “Merry Christmas! This is a part of your gift. The rest will come later, x.” He pulled the paper out to discover a plastic male chastity device complete with a lock and a key. Luke was surprised and excited as he secretly desired to be in a female-led relationship and to be controlled in this way.

He messaged Maddie to thank her for his gift and to enquire what it was about. She replied with some instructions to withhold from masturbating for 2 weeks and to meet her in the hotel where they had met before. After 2 weeks had passed she would give him more details nearer the time. She also told him she was keen to explore her dominant side and that Luke would be her plaything. Luke wondered what she had in store but he knew 2 weeks without wanking would be torture enough.

Two weeks were almost up and it was torture for Luke. His balls were so full! He was desperate to masturbate but was also keen to obey Maddie as he didn’t want to disappoint her. Checking his messages, he found one from Maddie that said: “ Hi Luke! I hope you have been a good boy and followed my rules. You will meet me at the hotel at 11 o’clock on Wednesday, wearing your chastity device under your clothes. Leave the key at home. I will bring the other key with me. I’ll already be at the hotel and I will message you the room number.”

Luke arranged time off from work, and on the Wednesday morning once everybody had left the house he put on the chastity device squeezing his swollen balls into it, before clamping it shut around them and his flaccid penis. Snapping the lock shut, he put the key away in his sock drawer. Whilst getting dressed, Luke caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror with the device on.

He got a bit excited at the prospect of meeting Maddie and what she had in store but soon realised the device was stopping him getting erect. Checking his phone before he left, Luke found a message from Maddie with a picture attached. The picture was of Maddie wearing what he could only describe as the most amazing thing he had seen. There she was wearing a black and red silk corset which hugged her curves beautifully, with black sheer hold up stockings and shiny black knee-high boots. Her long black hair was in a tight bun and she was wearing her glasses.

The message just said “I’m waiting for you in room 14. See you soon. x” Luke’s cock was straining in his cage. He thought about grabbing the key and releasing himself for a quick play but thought he had better get going. Arriving at the hotel, he parked his car before messaging Maddie to tell her he was outside. Making his way inside and through reception he checked his phone, reading Maddie’s reply. “Just knock on the door 3 times so I know it’s you but you must not come in until I tell you.”

Luke found room 14 easily enough and knocked on the door 3 times. The door opened slightly. Luke waited as instructed then he heard Her voice telling him to come in. He entered the room and found it was empty apart from the furniture which was basic and functional. The curtains were closed and the light was on. There were various sex toys on the bed. He heard Maddie’s voice coming from the bathroom. “Stand over by the curtains facing them and strip naked.”

Luke was nervous about being naked as he was body-conscious. Maddie knew he hated being naked but he did as he was told taking his clothes off, folding them neatly, and putting them on the chair. Standing there felt like an eternity to him. Then he heard Maddie’s voice it sounded closer than before. She must be in the room, he thought.

“Turn around,” Maddie encouraged him teasingly. Luke spun around and saw Maddie exactly how she was in the picture she had sent him earlier. She made her way over to him, and with one hand she cupped his swollen balls. “Ho Ho Ho,” Maddie chuckled. “You have been a very good boy, presenting me with your Jingle Balls. We’ll empty those later,” she smirked.

Instructing Luke to kneel in front of her, she pulled over the chair and rested one leg on it while standing on the other. Luke admired her shiny black boots. “Worship my boots, sub” Maddie murmured pointing to the one on the chair. Luke stroked and caressed the boot with his hand and then proceeded to kiss and lick it. The smell of the leather/boot polish combination was divine to him, his cock strained against the cage.

Maddie noticed, enquiring smugly if he was enjoying his cock cage so far. Luke replied with a “yes.” Maddie clicked her tongue, and with a stern reply asked, “yes what?” Realising his error, Luke corrected himself by saying, “yes, Mistress.

“That’s better,” she said, swapping over her legs and instructing Luke to continue the boot worship, which he keenly did. Next, she told him to continue higher up the leg all the way to her pussy. She grabbed hold of his head and pulled it towards her moist slit instructing him to clean her pussy.

Luke ran his tongue along her dewy labia, making Maddie sigh. “Good sub,” she groaned, before telling him: “today is all about my pleasure, not yours. Is that understood?” Luke let out a muffled “yes Mistress.” He was liking dominant Maddie; she told him to stop and to stand up then bend over the bed.

Taking a small butt plug off the bed, Maddie lubed it up before slowly inserting it into Luke’s ass. The intrusion made him gasp. Maddie brandished her favourite flogger and with a swish, she gave his arse cheeks a few hard swipes. Luke let out a grunted “ouch” with every stroke.  Maddie was clearly loving Her dominant role. She secured a spreader bar to his ankles, and slowly removed the butt plug. Next, she fitted her harness to herself, and attached her strap-on silicone dildo to it.

Expertly, Maddie lubricated the black shaft, positioning behind Luke who was still bent over the bed. Slowly, she inserted Her cock into his ass. Luke was sufficiently stretched from the plug, though the cool lubricant made him inhale sharply. Maddie gently thrust in and out with the strap-on making Luke’s cock strain in its cage. A little pre-cum dribbled from his semi-erect cock.

Maddie stopped momentarily; she didn’t want to get him too excited. “Lie down on the bed, sub” she commanded in a firm no-nonsense tone. She removed her strap-on harness and put it beside Luke so he could smell her musky juices coating it. Luke was now lying on the bed with his cock throbbing in his cage. With the dildo standing to attention next to Luke’s head, Maddie lowered herself onto his face.

“Finish cleaning my dripping cunt,” she said gruffly as she ground her pussy down against Luke’s tongue. He eagerly licked her clitoris, causing Maddie to moan with pleasure. She reached on the bed for the cock cage key and released the lock. As Maddie removed the cage Luke’s cock became engorged. It felt so good to be free, and in his enthusiasm, he asked Maddie if he could fuck her.

She laughed a deep belly chortle- “not with this penis!” Taking her wand, Maddie turned it on and touched Luke’s glans with the end. The rumbly vibrations through his shaft were intense. Maddie was still sitting on his face, as she continued to tease his cock with the wand. Soon he couldn’t contain his arousal any longer, shooting jets of creamy cum forcefully.

“Now I want a good fucking,” she exclaimed, sliding off his face and lowering herself down onto the dildo. Maddie hissed as it entered her slick pussy. She rode it hard and fast, like a thoroughbred racehorse heading down the final furlong. All Luke could do was lay there and watch the salacious show.

Within minutes Maddie let out a guttural groan as she orgasmed. She sat on the cock while she caught her breath. Luke was gutted he didn’t get the chance to fuck her. Maddie slid off the bed and made her way over to the bathroom. Turning back to Luke, she said “I do hope you enjoyed your present. I know I did. Perhaps I’ll let you fuck me next time.” Luke knew he was being dismissed, as Maddie closed the bathroom door behind her, with an abrupt ‘click.’

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  1. In my opinion, Luke was slightly disappointed.

  2. I still didn’t know if this would be the next time or not.

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