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The Best Suction Vibrators for Beginners; How to Pick the ideal one for you

What are Suction Vibrators?

Clitoral suction sex toys/vibrators are devices that use air technology and pulsation to stimulate the clitoris. These innovative sex toys use wireless air technology to simulate oral sex. They’re small, quiet, and can provide you with high-intensity orgasms. 

You can do this without using your hands, leaving you able to use other toys for penetration. Fortunately, there are a variety of options to choose from according to our fantasies.

Some businesses have proprietary technology for simulating real-life oral sex, therefore the technology can differ among vibrators.

The Advantages of Suction Vibrators

Everyone, especially beginners, can enjoy suction vibrators.

  • These small devices use air pressure instead of traditional vibrations to stimulate your clitoris indirectly. These sonic vibrators contain little nozzles that hover just over your clitoris. They emit powerful sound pulses that excite you, creating a sucking sensation while also vibrating your clitoris.
  • The promise of fast, powerful orgasms is one of the most appealing aspects of a suction vibrator. They do generate quick climaxes because they excite the entire clitoral anatomy rather than just the sensory receptors on the exterior. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience. 
  • The clitoris plays a crucial role in sexual stimulation. It possesses the most nerve endings of any organ in the body. Some studies show that it may be the only method for people with a clitoris to experience orgasm.

Are Suction Vibrators Useful for Beginners?

These toys are ideal for people who are new to vibrators. Particularly those who haven’t experienced skin-to-skin interaction or rubbing the genital area. 

Suction vibrators are wonderful for beginners because many are tailored to accommodate the whole head of the genital area to purposely provide sexual arousal indirectly. There are certain toys available with adjustable heads to make self-pleasure more customizable. For example, Womanizer toys have adjustable heads so you may choose the correct size.

It comes down to personal preference, as with all sex toys. Although some people find the experience to be wonderfully delicious, others find it to be overpowering. Some toys are too much, while others are too little. With enough trial and error, you can find the right one for you.

What to Consider When Buying a Suction Vibrator

Body-Safe Materials

When looking for a suction vibrator, the material is the first thing that you need to check. You can’t afford to use a toy that is not safe for your body. Sadly, certain vibrators in the industry are still harmful to the human body since they are not regulated by a governing organization.

As a result, purchasing a vibrator necessitates some consumer knowledge. Please remember that a vibrator must be constructed of nonporous material.

Porous material implies the toy has minute holes (that cannot be readily seen). These will collect bacteria and prevent you from thoroughly cleaning the toy. Insufficient cleaning of your toy risks introducing bacteria to your genitalia each time you use it. This could lead to infection/s. 

Which Materials are Best Avoided?

Avoid these materials which are porous in nature:

  thermoplastic elastomer (TPE),

  thermoplastic rubber (TPR),

  polyvinyl chloride (PVC),

  jelly latex,


Body-Safe Materials to Select Instead

Look for non-porous material which may include:

  Stainless Steel,


  ABS plastic.

Among non-porous materials, beginners are best off selecting a suction vibrator made with silicone. In addition to being fully safe for the human body, silicone transmits vibrations exceptionally well. It is extremely soft and is easy to clean. 

If you’re looking for something a little more up-market, the Le Wand Chrome Collection contains silicone-stainless steel hybrid toys that are high quality.

Waterproof Vibrators Give Greater Flexibility for Use in the Bathroom

Get a waterproof vibrator if the bath or shower is your favorite place to unwind. Bath or shower toys are useful for people who don’t have a lot of privacy in their sleeping quarters. For example, college students or people who live with their parents. 

Water-resistant toys can be submerged in water to clean them, and you can probably use them in the shower as well, but they can’t be submerged in a bathtub or pool.

Remote Control and App-Connected Vibrators

A connected app or remote control can be used to control some vibrators. It creates an amazing experience because you don’t have to struggle with hard-to-reach buttons between your legs. Both are excellent choices for people with mobility concerns or fuller figures.

App-enabled sex toys, such as the We-Vibe Sync and We-Vibe Moxie, are a fun way to interact with a long-distance mate.

Battery-Powered or Rechargeable?

Most vibrators now are rechargeable. Battery-operated is a good choice if you don’t mind replacing batteries every few months and are on a tight budget. They may not have as many intensity levels or other features, but they are far less expensive.

Lubricant For Your Vibrator

Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate! It reduces friction, which promotes pleasure. The lubrication disperses vibrations, making them feel better. It helps prevent that itchy overstimulated feeling. Try a water-based lubricant like Sliquid Sassy if you’re using a silicone toy.

Which Size is Good for a Beginner?

It all depends on the preferences of the user though it’s recommended that you begin with a smaller one. Once you get to know it, you can try others. In the market, there are a variety of vibrators available with different head sizes which are replaceable.

How Beginners Can Use a Suction Vibrator for Optimal Effect

You’ve found the ideal clitoral sucker on the internet or in your local sex toy store. You stare at its silky silicone body now that you have it and think about the delights it will help you discover. 

You’re cautious, however, because clitoral suction is a new technology that you’ve never used before. Some suggestions to help you use it on your own or with a partner include:

  1. Create a romantic environment if you’re in the mood to get off.

  2. Enjoy some foreplay if you’re using it with a partner.

  3. Take the time to figure out where your erogenous zones are.

  4. Once you’ve discovered the sweet spots, begin slowly. Gradually increase your intensity.

  5. Experiment with various pressurization settings to find the ideal vacuum level.

  6. Explore Using Standard Vibrations and Pressure.

  7. If it hurts or feels even slightly uncomfortable, please stop using the toy.

  8. Enjoy the Moment of Pleasure Until You Orgasm.

9. Wash, clean, and do it again.

How To Clean Your Suction Vibrator After Use

You can take a short break after orgasming and then go for another round or numerous rounds. Before that you need to rinse the suction vibrator with water, then wash it with a soapy solution or water-based toy cleaner. Gently dry it with a soft lint-free cloth and set it aside until next time.

HoneySx’s Recommended Top 3 Suction Vibrators

1. Womanizer Premium Eco Clitoral-Suction Toy

One of the most well-known clitoral suction toy brands is Womanizer. The Premium Eco is a sweet, beginner-friendly model, made up of silicone. It’s small, powerful, and precisely shaped to be used solo or with a partner. Also, it’s affordable. 

Womanizer premium eco pink suction vibrator

The Premium Eco is available with 12-frequency vibration suction strengths which you can adjust according to your preference. It helps you orgasm within seconds and is a genuine crowd-pleaser. Its total price is $191.99.

2. Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Suction Vibrator

Satisfyer’s Pro 2 Clitoral Suction Vibrator is made of silicone or rubber. As a bonus, its all-white and rose gold colour scheme adds a touch of class to any solo masturbation session.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation Suction Vibrator

“This is the most amazing gadget we’ve ever seen! It has a pulse rather than a buzz. I despise the tingling, numbing sensation. That is not the case here. It provides you with incredibly realistic oral sensations. I understand your dissatisfaction with part of it because it doesn’t fit your physique. YOU WILL BE HOOKED IF IT DOES!” Its total price is $53.99.

3. Iobanana Meow Gun Suction Machine Massager

This is also manufactured using silicone. The Meow Gun suction toy is recommended as another clitoris sucker. It employs Pleasure Air Technology to offer a pressurized flow of air that softly rubs the clitoris. Life waterproof, not afraid of the wet. Playing in the water without concern makes you more relaxed. It’s also a terrific toy to have on hand if you’re in a long-distance relationship and want to play together from afar. There is no need to download the app; only the WeChat applet is needed, which is very convenient. Its total price is $69.99.

Iobanana Meow Gun Suction Machine Massager

This post is sponsored by HoneySx. The content was created by HoneySx. Images were supplied by HoneySx. I provided proofreading and editing services. The information is accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time of publication.

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