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View of the ocean from a window
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I wish you were here

I’m thinking, as music is making me feel so much more upbeat, I may make this my theme for Every Damn Day in June.

Another track I love is Wish You Were Here by Incubus. I saw these guys at Alexandra Palace back in 2012 if I recall. I was stoked to see them live, and though older, Brandon Boyd and co. were rocking the set. Apparently, he’s never fully recovered his vocal ability since suffering Laryngitis in 2011. The dude can still sing awesome songs though.

I lay my head onto the sand.

The sky resembles

A back-lit canopy

With holes punched in it.

I’m counting UFOs.

I signal them with

My lighter.

And in this moment

I am happy, happy.

I, wish you were here.

I, wish you were here.

I, wish you were



As well as rocking with Incubus, Brandon is an artist and also does lots of philanthropic work. He set up the Make Yourself Foundation with his band members and painted a mural to raise awareness about the use of plastic alongside its damaging effects on our oceans.

Every Damn Day in June
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