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Reviews from my fellow bloggers

I have not done a Share Our Shit Saturday round-up in several weeks. I feel pretty lousy for not having done so, as I know how much work a blog takes. My sincerest apologies for being quiet on this front of late. This summary is an example of ‘sharing is caring.’

G-spot vibrator

Without further ado, here are some reviews I’ve read this week. Petra Pan tested the Fun Factory Stronic G recently. I like Fun Factory Toys and own three of my own. I hadn’t known about the magnetic solenoid system that is engineered into their toys (hence making them so powerful), nor the fact it is inspired by NASA technology! Amazing titbit of sex toy science there! It sounds like an awesome toy, and should I have the funds to buy one sometime, I’d like to try it!


Bondage God reviewed the Satisfyer Men masturbator, endorsed by porn actor Rocco Siffredi. I read the review with interest, as I know Fleshlight toys get a lot of positive feedback. Hence I was keen to see how Satisfyer’s offering would stand up. It seems in Bondage God’s case; the Satisfyer Men does offer an unrivalled masturbation experience, mimicking both oral and vaginal stimulation. The fact that you can use different sleeves makes it a versatile toy for penis owners, as they can enjoy different texture sensations. The price of the Satisfyer Men is also extremely competitive. Along with the sporty modelling of the casing, it really does look a fantastic option for men looking to experience enhanced masturbation pleasure.


I have noticed some gorgeous looking dildos from Vain Toys on Twitter and Instagram. I would love to test for them, as their dildos really do look like an art-piece as well as a pleasurable delight. The range of colours and the option to add a glittery sheen makes me swoon at the thought. Not to mention the texture detailing.

I read Aurora Glory’s review of the Mister Vain dildo from Vain Toys, and it has a circumference of an eye-watering 6.7 inches! Wowsers! I had to smile as I read that Aurora used a third of a bottle of lube coaxing the Mister Vain into her vagina. Being quite tight vaginally myself, I imagine that was no easy feat, and I applaud Aurora in her efforts. It sounds like she fully enjoyed the texturing and filling girth of the Mister Vain. Not to mention its squishy feel!

Erotic Fiction

I found a remarkable fantasy story by Posy Churchgate.  A Dragon’s Tale Part 3 regails Princess Violetta’s capture by the scaly fire-breathing dragon with a BDSM fetish. I have not yet read Parts 1 and 2, so I do not know the back-story. But there are hints that there will be more to follow, as we are made aware of a “bargain” struck between the pair. Moreover, the title and an excerpt from Part 3 remind us that the Dragon has a second phallus-like body part…

Many centuries had passed since the dragon had encountered a female of his own species and coupled with her. Yet there was great pleasure to be gained with a human woman using his prehensile tail rather than his cock.

The descriptive imagery in Posy’s writing makes me imagine the dragon hurtling down and swooping on the seemingly innocent Princess. I’m sure there is more to her than her daintiness and beauty!


There are so many more fabulous posts I have missed, and I apologise. I will endeavour to join in with #SoSS more regularly. In the mean-time, please keep reading, plus sharing and caring by giving comments on bloggers work!

                                                        Luv Bunny xx

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  1. Great round up LB! Thank you for signposting some reviews I’d have otherwise have missed!
    My dragon tale is proving great fun to write! Thanks for linking to part 3, but I sincerely hope you go back & catch up with the first 2 episodes and then follow on (4+)to the princess’ training!

  2. Thanks for the mention, and for recommending Posy’s dragon porn! I really fancy giving that a read!

    PP x

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