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SoSS 17 February 2018

Avoid something shady

I like my sex toys to be safe, functionally effective and aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention hygienic. Emmeline Peaches reminds us to make sure we are sourcing the best products for our pleasure. That goes both for the product quality itself, and the ethical standards of the company behind the product. This week, I wrote my thoughts about celebrity-based sex dolls, that are produced without consent. It’s a violation and it is wrong.

The clitoris is bigger than you think

I just happened to catch this post from Hey Epiphora, about the clitoris. Yes, I hear you Epiphora! My clitoris is what I need stimulated to have any chance of reaching orgasm. And yes, when I test a dildo that is meant to target my G-spot, I still use a clitoral toy at the same time. Because, firstly, I love clitoral stimulation, and, secondly, clitoral stimulation in conjunction with G-spot stimulation is what I really like to get my legs shaking. There you have it! The clitoris is bigger that what you can see guys. And for the record, when I’m being fingered, I love having my pubic bone massaged too. It’s eye-rolling-ly good.

Reading sexy stuff

I enjoy a steamy read too, and Aurora Glory wrote a sexy short story, One Text – One Regret. I love reading the language various bloggers and erotic fiction writers use. Some say pussy. Others say cunt. I never liked the word cunt, but when I read it in a story, it does something to me. Maybe because it can be drawn out, like ‘cuuuunnnntttt.‘ Sounding like a long moan of pleasure. Rather different from the harsh guttural ‘Cunt!’ that you may shout at someone who is being a bit of a twat…

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Luv Bunny xx

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#SoSS Share our Shit Saturday luvbunnySL82 meme

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