#SoSS- The Darling Buds of May

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Hi folks, it seems I’ve been stuck down my own ‘bunny rabbit hole’ since my last #SoSS post earlier this month. Now it’s the 1st June and I am thinking where did the month go?

I got some fab news earlier this week; I was lucky enough to win Little Switch Bitch’s 2nd year blogiversary and will be receiving a generous voucher to spend at Crimson Princess. Happy days! So I can buy myself a Doxy 3 now (unless something else takes my fancy)!

In pondering the month gone by, I realise I submitted just the one Sinful Sunday image this May. After the February Photofest, it seems like my photo taking has been mainly for review purposes and I’ve been a bit slack at shooting images for fun and artistic license. Part of the joy of taking part in Sinful Sunday is also taking the time to see other people’s images. Again, I have been remiss in this effort lately. So for those lovely people who have commented and not necessarily received comments in return, this shout-out is to say thanks for checking out my recent Amaryllis shot. And to give recognition for other photos I have enjoyed seeing too.

These images are some of the highlights for me personally in the Week 372 cohort:

#SoSS – The Darling Buds of May

Just for Him is a teasing and gorgeously artsy depiction of Little Switch Bitch sharing with her hubby a sexy outfit she reviewed recently.

We Just Can’t Get It is a cheeky hand-job shot, where Silverdom is hoping to catch the moment he is bought to climax by SilverDrop. The picture reflects the motion of her masturbating him. But in an amusingly frustrating way, the main action was milliseconds from being captured. Better luck next time guys! 😉

Rainbow Drops features May More’s fabulous sexy legs adorned with ‘rainbow tattoos.’ Her legs always look amazing, and this image is a joy to behold. 🙂

Truth Coming Out of her Well is a lovely tribute to the artist Jean-Léon Gérôme. It is Tabitha Rayne’s image for Art Twist (a challenge run by Indigo Byrd). The roughness of the well’s masonry contrasts beautifully with Tabitha’s immaculate skin. And I like the look in her eye, peaking from under her hair. As if to say, “climbing out of a well is perfectly normal, you know!”

My View is an enticing shot of Monika from Godemiché, sat on a bench whilst naked and enjoying the view from her hilltop seat. I imagine anyone looking up would have had a lovely glimpse themselves!

Lastly, but by no means least, Reflected Light is a sensual image of Jadis Liddell’s bust, in the great outdoors. The reflected light is wonderful, but I think her tits are pretty cute too! In any case, it makes me want to get naked outdoors! Let’s hope June brings us more warm weather.

There were other images I’d have liked to include in this #SoSS post, but please do take a look at Week 372’s round-up, and see them for yourselves!

Until next time, keep sharing the love xx


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