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Front cover art work for Alice White's Utterly Shocking Comic Strip World. An Erotic Fantasy by Poppy Goodhead.

New fiction from Poppy Goodhead

If you enjoyed The Wedding Present by Poppy Goodhead, then you may be interested to read her latest work, Alice White’s Utterly Shocking Comic Strip World. An excerpt is shown below, for your pleasure 😉

“Alice ran her hand down the spine of one book that had taken weeks to arrive from Japan. She slid it from the shelf, her fingers easily finding the section she desired. She slipped on her glasses, sat back in her swivel chair and undid the top button of her jeans. A shy young man was being educated by two of his classmates. They had tricked him into staying behind after school and had backed him into a very pleasant corner.

Alice’s hand slid into her jeans. She was enjoying their tightness, their restriction. She struggled to turn a page single-handed, her fingers pushing at the soft cotton of her panties. The boy was awkward, stammering, embarrassed, she didn’t need to be able to understand Japanese to see that. Beautifully drawn beads of sweat broke out on his knitted brow. Alice ran her fingers between her legs, pushing the damp material into her already sticky pussy.

On the facing page, whilst the beleaguered lad protested with one friend the other eased down his trousers and took him in her mouth. Alice had read this scene more than a few times. She briefly marvelled at the skill of the artist. The veins on the young man’s cock looked ready to burst off the page. She rubbed the soft cotton against her swollen lips. Her eyes closed and, for a brief second the book in her other hand was forgotten, her mind full of another face. A very real face. A very human face. Andrew again.

Determined to put him from her mind she flicked the page over and with a wiggle of her hips, pushed the cotton to one side. The young Japanese boy with the Western eyes was now having his cock sucked by both his plaid clad school friends. The picture of his face, his eyes straining wide, sweat coating his brow, his impossibly thick dick covered in saliva and juice, clearly on the verge of cumming, filled half a page. Alice’s fingers found her clitoris.

“Oh, Masahiko,” the girls were saying as he showered their faces in creamy white spunk, “Oh, Masahiko, what a messy boy.”
Alice let the book fall to the floor. She put her feet up on the edge of the chair and thought about the dreamy blond boy in her class. She wondered, as her fingers flicked her pert little bud, whether she would ever find herself on her knees in front of him, her face dripping in his fresh warm cum? Or perhaps she would kneel before him in another classic manga pose, her arse thrust up towards him, panties rolled down her thighs, her recently shaven pussy twitching and pulsing, juices dribbling down her thighs as she gazed lovingly at him over her shoulder, waiting to receive his fat, bulbous cock.

Her fingertip circled her clit a little faster. Maybe she would order herself a girlie Japanese school uniform. There were places online. She dipped her finger into her creamy wet hole and smeared her juices up between her lips to her clitoris. She lifted her bum off the chair as she came, her whole body shaking with the force of her orgasm. A whole day’s pent up frustration poured out of her as her pussy pulsed and contracted. And then she sank back into the swivel chair and wondered.”

Thank you Poppy, for sharing your latest work with us. To read the full story, please click here.

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