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Observe; Wicked Wednesday week #388

As this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is Observe, I thought I’d write another part to my Summertime Sadness story. Following on from where that part left you lovely readers dangling by the lacing of the beautiful basque set our businessman had purchased for his muse…


Stepping out of the shower, she towelled off her damp dewy skin. Her husband was away at work and she had dispatched her children off to school. For the next few hours she would meet her other ‘partner.’ He’d left her a package in her local garden centre the previous week. Pretending to browse through the generic giftwares on display, she’d watched as he’d placed it carefully just out of sight of any other customers.

A plain brown jiffy bag labelled simply with a typed “Stella,” it had barely left his warm hands before her delicate digits picked it up. She stowed it away in her shopper bag, smiling to herself. When she’d opened it half an hour later, her eyes widened in awe of the detailing of the stitching on the matching basque set.

Sliding into it now, the outfit sheathed her cool skin perfectly, and she thought of the mantra she’d heard on a wildlife documentary,

red next to black, venom lack. Red next to yellow will kill a fellow!

Chuckling to herself, she decided this was definitely the appropriate colour set! She hid the basque beneath a warm dress and calf-length boots. It was time to drive to their meeting place.

Meanwhile, he was waiting for the room he’d booked to be made ready. He’d arrived an hour earlier than he’d told Stella so that he could make some personal touches to the room. In his bag he had a soft sumptuous throw. It complemented the lingerie he was looking forward to seeing her in soon.

Once he was given a key to let himself in, he deftly smoothed the throw over the bed. Over the messaging service they used to communicate he’d told Stella the room number. She could get herself a key from the reception desk when she arrived.

Whilst he waited for her, he slipped into the shower to freshen up. The scent of orange and sandalwood in the shower gel he used reminded him of a time he’d seen Stella previously. On that occasion she’d worn a lacy bodystocking and flashed him glimpses whilst he’d followed her around a public library. The thrill of seeing her flesh excited him as much as touching it. Sometimes he only had an hour to spare in between meetings. Those encounters were fleeting and rather than risking being caught mid-masturbation they’d built up the anticipation for longer trysts.

As he was finishing up in the bathroom, he heard the door click. His blood coursed through his arteries as his excitement grew at the thought of walking into the room.

Stepping into the main boudoir, he didn’t see Stella. Not before he’d heard a different sounding click. This time it was the shutter of her camera.

“I wanted to capture your reaction to my beautiful gift,” Stella affirmed with a sing-song glee in her voice.

“This way I get to observe you too…”


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  1. I like how you are building up the suspense, and it sounds like they are heading for some sexy times!

    Rebel xox

  2. Ohh I like that – will put aside some time to catch up with the other parts x

  3. O Luv Bunny – how could you tease us so?! I was almost as revved up as he was to find out what happened in the room.

    Of course I’ve noticed that you haven’t disclosed the colour of the underwear! I fear it is the more deadly version but I cant wait to hear how the tale unravels and I can already imagine how knockout Stella looks in it.

  4. incredibly intriguing story!

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