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Doxy Number 3

Doxy Number 3 Review

I already own the Original Doxy wand in purple and love it. When LittleSwitchBitch hosted her 2nd Blog Anniversary back in May, I entered to win the Crimson Princess gift voucher. Amazingly, I won it, so I decided to treat myself to the shiny and petite Doxy Number 3. I’d seen it at Eroticon back in March and had felt its lightness in my hands compared with the bulkier original.

Features of the Doxy Number 3

  • Lightweight aluminium/titanium alloy body that weighs in at approximately 315g (according to my kitchen scales)!
  • Silicone head that is removable by unscrewing. This means the head is easy to thoroughly clean separately. So no risk of splashing the Number 3’s main body.
  • The sleek shiny body has large, easy-to-use silicone buttons. A power button, switches on the unit. If you hold it down for 4 seconds before releasing, you can enter an ‘escalating mode.’ This is basically a pulsing setting and is increased or decreased by the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons respectively.
  • The continuous vibration settings vary in intensity, and I found there to be 8 levels to go through.
  • You can use the Number 3 worldwide, thanks to its plug-top Power Supply Unit. Just make sure you have the Doxy interchangeable plug inserts (RRP £9.99, direct from Doxy).
  • Doxy Number 3 measures about 28cm from the top of the head to the start of the flex cable. At the head (its widest part), the diameter is 4.5cm.
Doxy Number 3
The flex cable unravels to nearly 3 metres!


Using my new Doxy

Because it is so light, Number 3 from Doxy has superseded the original as my go-to wand. I like the range of power settings that both Doxy wands have, but Number 3 is much quieter, which is a bonus since I have an inquisitive toddler. Though I tend to play with the Doxy after she has gone to bed, my bedroom is across the hall from hers. I like to ensure once she’s asleep, she won’t be disrupted, because I sure as hell don’t want to be once I start using the Number 3!

The silicone head of the Number 3 is narrower than the original Doxy’s PVC head. This means it concentrates the rumbly vibrations into my vulva and clitoris, even at the lower speeds. Strangely, when you switch the Doxy Number 3 on, it doesn’t start at the lowest intensity, so I normally adjust it down, using the ‘-‘ button. These large function buttons are great, by the way, as a lot of vibrators have tiny buttons that are fiddly to press with lube-coated fingers. So imagine how they would be for people who have arthritic fingers. Thus the large user-friendly buttons on both the original Doxy and the shiny Number 3 get a big thumbs-up from me!


Doxy Number 3
The head unscrews and will enable more functionality, as well as easier cleaning.


Same power from the compact Doxy Number 3

In terms of power, the Number 3 has it in plentiful supply. The flex cable means you can plug it in at the foot of the bed and still reach the ‘head’-end. I can orgasm really quickly using Doxy Number 3, which is a good thing for me, as I don’t have a lot of free time for extended play sessions. Should I want to prolong the pleasure, I can eek it out by turning the intensity right down. Then slowly increase it and step back down as needed, if I wish to ‘edge-play.’

During partner play, the Number 3 is good to use when I’m on top of Mr Bunny. Or even when I’m underneath him, if I get the angle just-so. He enjoys the rumbly vibrations too, so it’s win-win for both of us!

Doxy Number 3

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Lovehoney sells the Number 3 by Doxy. What are you waiting for…permission to orgasm? 😉

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